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Summertime Family Fun at Bugz Playpark

Published on 2016-11-30 23:30:00

The countdown until school is out for 2016 has begun. Summer is here… the days are longer, there is a sense of adventure in the air, and kids are preparing to kick off their shoes and go in search of some holiday fun. The sense of relief for moms anticipating a break in the school run is quickly replaced by the frantic search for things to do with kids in Cape Town these holidays to avoid the inevitible “Mom, I’m bored!” after just two school-free days!

Parents worry about finding the balance between keeping kids entertained, providing stimulating activities, and just having some good old family fun. Bugz Playpark has created this balance within the park with outdoor and indoor facilities that keep little bodies active, curious brains satisfied, and mom and dad’s peace of mind at peak.

Outdoor Play

Getting kids outside again is key at Bugz and as such, the purposefully designed outdoor area meets children’s need for fun and exploration, and satisfies parents’ desire to see their little ones developing core skills. The outdoor area is equipped with:

  • Sandpits, where children build their gross and fine motor skills as well as science and maths skills through pouring, sieving, measuring, carrying and building.
  • Slides provide hours of fun while honing a child’s balance and strengthening core muscles
  • Monkeybars – did you know that playing on the monkey bars can help children learn to write properly? By dangling, twisting, and swinging, children develop the strength and flexibility in their arms, hands and fingers that are necessary for writing.
  • Doll Houses provide an ideal setting to encourage role-play, which helps create balanced kids. Children develop socially and emotionally through creating fantasy worlds and re-enacting stories and ideas.
  • Mud Kitchens turn messy play into a sensory classroom for budding imaginations and enhancing fine motor skills.
  • Jungle Gyms help develop gross motor skills as children climb, pull and push their way to the top, stimulating imaginations as they become king of their castle or captain of their ship all while gaining a practical understanding of scientific concepts of weight and gravity.


Weekends and holidays unleash a whole new level of fun and excitement when the rides open and children get to enjoy the choo choo train, swing horses, wave slide, water slide, worm train, peddle carts, speed waterslide, toddler tractors, zippy slide and rowing boats. Don’t forget your costumes and towels as no underwear will be allowed in the water play areas!


For the nature loving children, the petting farm has some lovable and tame animals eager for some food treats from the kids. Children will meet bunnies, guinea pigs, ducks, goats and tortoises. The gentle Bugz horses are also in the park on weekends and holidays to take little equestrians for a slow amble through the park.

Indoor Play

On those not-so-sunny days, the indoor play areas provide hours of fun opportunities with slides, tunnels, balls, obstacles, challenges and so much more! Grey skies don't have to mean being cooped up indoors in front of the telly when a world of adventure awaits.


All of this activity is sure to work up an appetite, but you won’t be left ravenous at Bugz. If taking a break from play to sit at the restaurant for lunch is just not an option for eager-to-play kids, the Snack Shack in the park has got chips, cooldrinks, slushies, boerewors rolls and chicken strips. However, if you can tear your tots away from the playground for a family lunch, the Bugz Big Bite Restaurant has a delicious menu for both parents and children.


Speaking of food and fun… Bugz has 12 party venues with 26 different themes. Catering is taken care of, entertainment is a given… and you don’t have to worry about cleaning up afterwards. That’s a stress-free day for mom and dad and everything possible to create a magical celebration of turning one year older.

If all of the this has piqued your interest and left you thinking you couldn’t possibly imagine any more activities at one venue… guess what? There are magicians, sandart and larger-than-life dress up characters too! Bugz Playpark is open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5pm - that's a whole lot of convenience for every busy family schedule. These holidays parents can say NO to kids sitting in front of TV and iPad screens, and YES to learning through play. 

Article Author: Deirdré Gower

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