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Healthy + Hearty

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Healthy + hearty + happy! HOORAY!

Imagine a world where grub is both good fun and good for you, in equal measure! Our Balance Bug delivers the YUM and FUN for everyone! Even when you’re eating on the run!

(Fresh juice image)


The right way to reFRESH! JUICE IT!


GO GREEN (cucumber, mint, lemon, orange)

RUSH of Red (beetroot, carrot, apple)

OH-SO-ORANGE (carrot and apple)


(Chicken dude image)


Oil is not cool, dude. Air fried and DEEE-LISH! Our chicken strips = the yummiest dish!


(Hearty party box)


A party with a touch of hearty! Bugz’ moms, we’ve listened to what you’ve had to say! HIP HIP HOORAY! We’ve kept the candyfloss and other sugary delights BUT now you can fill your party box with healthy stuff that still rocks! (Button – Book now)


(Hearty shop area image)


Come get your tasty treats, big and small – we’ve reduced our sugar and in some cases there’s none at all! We’ve give the Balance Bug his own area in the shop.


One last thing! We haven’t thrown out all sugary delights, we’ve even introduced a Bar One milkshake and a berry waffle that’s OH SO NICE! But our Balance Bug is taking us on a whole new journey as we deliver on our promise to you Bugz’ family – HEALTHY PLAY, THE FUN WAY!




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