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Booking Terms & Conditions

To get the best value from your party, please read through the rules and know what to expect. We aim to provide you with the best value birthday party venue in Cape Town. We ask customers to respect the rules in order for us to provide you with a party that runs smoothly.

1. A non-refundable R1000 deposit is required to book a party. We cannot guarantee party bookings until a deposit is paid. The outstanding balance is due on the day, before the end of your party with no exception to later payments.

2. Birthday’s which are booked online will not be confirmed and booked until the deposit has been paid and proof of payment has been received by the Bugz Party Team.

3. Upon booking approximate number of children must be provided. If you invite more children than you have booked for we will try to cater for your needs but cannot guarantee the extra rooms available due to other parties booked for the same time slot.

4. The R1000 deposit can be transferred to another date and time as long as 2 weeks’ notice is given before date of original party. If less than two weeks is given another R1000 deposit will be required to book second party date.

5. The number of children attending a party may still be edited until 4 days before the party date however you will be charged for the number that we have logged 4 days prior to the event. The number of children confirmed at this time will be the number you will be charged for regardless of no shows. If you do not confirm the number you will be charged for number of children booked. You will also be charged for any extra party guests that turn up on the day. (Approval from party parents will be requested before we let anyone in for your party which is not on the list). Please note that we will do our best to cater for space for any extra children that turn up on the day that are unconfirmed though we cannot guarantee space available.

6. If you have late guest arrivals we cannot extend the party time or change the party schedule due to other parties booked. We ask all guests to arrive at party start time.

7. We do not allow any extra food into the Playpark, this includes extra party food. We do however allow parents to bring their own birthday cake for the child.

8. Our fridge space is limited. We may not be able to cater refrigeration for excessively sized cakes. Please check with staff before the party if you have an excessively sized cake.

9. After the party timeslot we will ask you to kindly move to the general seating area in the park. We will endeavour to find suitable tables for you at this time though it is restricted to availability. Your party venue needs to be vacated immediately once your timeslot has expired as we will require sufficient time to set up the next party at that venue.

10. Party prices are standard for children from 12 months – 10 years old. If you have children under 12 months they will not be charged as a party guest. You have the opportunity to purchase them a “baby” party pack.

11. Parents & grandparents of the birthday child has free entry, all additional adults have an entry fee of R55.

12. Birthday cakes ordered for the party must be ordered 5 working days prior to the party. Spelling of the birthday child’s name is the responsibility of the person ordering the cake. Birthday cakes ordered cannot be cancelled.

13. Bugz is not Halaal certified but meat items are purchased from Halaal suppliers.

14. The price of the party at the time of booking is the price you will be charged regardless of price increases or specials advertised at the time of the party.

15. We don't want any finger pointing at our staff, party guests or other day visitors. Bugz staff & management will not take responsibility for damage or loss of any valuables or gifts/envelopes inside your party venue or in the park.

16. We would like to have all guests attending Bugz Playpark to have a great time. At any time if you have a questions or complaint, please let staff know immediately so we can rectify any problems to the best of our ability.

17. Structural or colour changes may be made to party venues and other park areas without prior notice. This will only occur for safety reasons and improvements.

18. Normal park house rules and ride age restrictions apply. Kids below the age of 3 can't go on the rides.

19. Birthday Bug card - The Birthday Bug with a hosted party between 12 March - 31 December 2019 will get free access and rides at Bugz Playpark for ONE WHOLE YEAR from the day of their birthday party. The offer is only for 2019 parties. One party card covers the entrance of one person per day. This is not a membership and can't be renewed when it expires. Party Cards can't be extended after the expiry date. Not transferable for money or discounts. If your Bug is too young to go on the rides, then mama or papa can use the card to cover one of their entries for a whole year! Normal park rules and party rules apply. All activities normally excluded from the VIP option apply.


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