Booking Terms & Conditions

By reading this will you not only be made aware of our party house rule, but you will also have a better understanding of your party to plan accordingly.


1. A non-refundable R1000 deposit is required to book a party. We cannot guarantee party bookings until a deposit is paid and proof of payment has been received. The non-refundable R1000 deposit can be transferred to another date and time as long as 2 weeks’ notice is given before date of original party. If less than two weeks is given you will forfeit your deposit and another R1000 deposit will be required to book second party date.

2. The outstanding balance is due on the day, before the end of your party with no exception to later payments.

3. Confirmed party: Your booking is only confirmed if proof of payment has been received by the Bugz Party Team before the cutoff date. When requesting a "quote" in the last step online or in email, your timeslot, venue or booking details will not be saved. The option "book now" will keep your provisional booking for 72hours. Once we receive your proof of payment will your booking be confirmed. Only then can you send out your invitations.

4. Booking changes:/ You can still edit your booking up until 4 days before the party date however you will be charged for the number of kids and extras that we have logged 4 days prior to the event. The number of children confirmed at this time will be the number you will be charged for regardless of no shows. If you do not confirm the number you will be charged for the number of children booked.

5. The timeslot chosen is the time you have in your party venue. We do not allow party guests in the venue more than 15minutes prior to the party starting time as it interferes with our final preparation steps and causes delays. You are welcome to make use of the park facilities before and after your party timeslot. Note our opening and closing times as per our website to determine if play time before/after your timeslot is possible. Your party venue needs to be vacated immediately once your timeslot has expired as we will require sufficient time to set up for the next party or for closing and cleaning duties to commence at the end of the day.

6. Party prices are standard for all kids you want to be included in the party setup, regardless of their age. If you have babies under the age of 12months attending, you don’t have to include them in the party setup and they won’t be charged. You can purchase an additional baby pack for them should you wish to. Teenagers 13+ will be seen as adults unless you want to include them in the party setup and pay the party cost per child for them too.

7. The price of the party at the time of booking is the price you will be charged regardless of price increases or special offers advertised at the time of the party.


1. Parents & grandparents of the birthday child has free entry, all additional teenagers & adults (13years+) have an entry fee of R50. Grandparents will need to notify the entrance staff that they are the Grandparents of the birthday child to avoid being charged an entry fee.

2. Upon booking approximate number of children must be provided. If you invite more children than you have booked for we will try to cater for your needs but cannot guarantee enough space, foods, décor items, ect due to other bookings and necessary preparation.

3. Guest lists:

  • If you are paying for all adults arriving regardless of how many show up, then we will add all these entry fees to your end bill.
  • If you specified that you are paying for a certain amount of adults then it remains your responsibility to provide us with the names of those adults you will be paying for. With no list we will work on a first come basis until we reached the total you said you will be paying for. All additional guests will then be charged entry at the entrance.
  • We will require a list of the names of the invited kids. With no list we will work on a first come basis until we reached the total of your booked party kids. Any kids entering after this will be charged normal park entry fees.
  • Please note that we will do our best to cater for space for any extra children & adults that turn up on the day that are unconfirmed though we cannot guarantee space available.

4. If you have late guest arrivals, we cannot extend the party time or change the party schedule due to other parties booked. We ask all guests to keep in mind that you may still need to stand in line at the entrance to enter the park. Make provision for this, especially during peak season.


1. You get the rides as a freebie: We do not include the cost of the rides in our party package calculation because we have no control over the weather and kids under 3years or older than 12years who may attend the party. In the event of predicted rain or slight drizzle our outside park area and rides will be closed for the full day and you will not be refunded for this additional freebie provided to party bookings. It requires an average of 15 staff to operate and provide the required supervision outside and bringing them in for a few hours when it is not raining, is not feasible to us or them. Kids under the age of 3 or older than 12years can’t make use of the rides.

2. Your party will be moved to an inside venue should the outside area be closed due to weather conditions.

3. Outside party venues are strictly only available from 1 October – 30 April due to unpredictable weather & cold mornings/afternoons.

4. Water rides are only open from October – April.


1. We do not allow any extra consumables into the Playpark, this includes extra party foods, sweets and beverages.

2. Birthday cakes & cupcakes ordered for the party must be ordered at least 5 working days prior to the party. Birthday cakes & cupcakes ordered cannot be cancelled. You are allowed to bring your own birthday cake or cupcakes.

3. We always have a few extra drinks and certain platter options available should you wish to order more on the day of your party. Availability is however not guaranteed as other parties may have ordered some of these extras before you already. We recommend that you submit your full party order to us prior to the party date.

4. Bugz is not Halaal certified but meat items are purchased from Halaal suppliers and we do not sell pork.

5. Our fridge space is limited. We may not be able to cater refrigeration for excessively sized cakes. Please check with staff before the party if you have an excessively sized cake.


1. If you wish to bring any additional décor items for your party we request that this be done not least than 3 days before the party date. If it is only a few small items that you yourself will be able to place in the venue, you can bring it on the day. We might however not be able to assist as we have other crucial things to focus on the prepare for the start of your party to ensure it runs according to schedule. We will not be able to string buntings, cut shapes, etc. Please bring it in a ready to use condition. Double sided tape, glue or cellotape may not be used in our party venues against any structures or equipment. Damages due to this may result in additional costs for your account.

2. Décor list: We would require a list of the additional items that would be brought in to make special arrangements with the entrance team.


1. A hostess will be allocated to your party. She will provide you with a program that we will follow for your party.Any changes can be discussed with her. This person will be responsible for your setup, bringing out ordered items and ensuring that your day runs smoothly. She will be close to your venue most of the time keeping her distance to not make it feel like she is interfering with your party. If you don’t see her close by, she is most probably just stepped away to fulfill duties for your party. The hostess can unfortunately not entertain or explore the park with the party kids to avoid duty delays.

2. The Party Manager is free roaming and so are 3 - 5 other managers daily. Please feel free to request assistance from a manager should you feel the need. They would be happy to assist in any way possible.


1. Any promotions whether run through Bugz or a third party platform, can’t be used towards your party total unless the promotion clearly specifies so.

2. Birthday Bug card campaign is only applicable to booked birthday parties hosted at Bugz from 1 June – 30 September 2023. Limited party slots available. This card can be used for entrance and rides of kids aged 3-12years. If the birthday child is younger than 3, an adult or older sibling can use the card for entry purposes. One party card covers the entrance of one person per day and is valid for 1 year from the date of your hosted party. This is not a membership and can't be renewed when it expires. Party Cards can't be extended after the expiry date. Not transferable for money or discounts. All activities normally excluded from the VIP option apply. Park house rules & T's & C's apply.


1. As times change, Bugz change. This is a fundamental to ensure financial sustainability, operational growth, safety & improvement. Certain areas, venues, facilities and rides may be changed / removed/ replaced without prior notice.

2. We don't want any finger pointing at our staff, party guests or other day visitors. Bugz staff & management will not take responsibility for damage or loss of any valuables or gifts/envelopes inside your party venue or in the park.

3. Specified party discounts will apply to party bookings. Other special offers & vouchers for entry, can't be used for or towards party bookings.

4. We have a super amazing online booking website that undergoes constant behind the scenes maintenance by a team of professionals to ensure everything runs smoothly. In the event that technology let us down and it affects your booking in any way, we will do our best to rectify it by evaluating the scenario and provide alternatives to the best of our ability.

5. Normal park house rules apply.

6. Enter and use facilities at own risk. Bugz Management and staff does not take responsibility for any loss or damage to your property.

We would like to have all guests attending Bugz Playpark to have a great time. At any time if you have a questions or complaint, please let staff know immediately so we can rectify any problems to the best of our ability.

Normal park house rules and ride age restrictions apply.

You agree to the Privacy Policy and T's & C's.


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